ogg support for n8x0

Note! This is for Diablo. The old Chinook page is here and the old Bora page is here.

ogg-support is a simple package for installing ogg mimetype (audio/x-vorbis), ogg icons, and the gstreamer codecs. Starting from the 0.8 there's no support for application/ogg anymore, only audio/x-vorbis. Starting from the 0.4 version this support also the built-in Media Player. For other ogg capable players, see e.g. kilikali or UKMP.

Repository for ogg-support:
Web address  : http://tuomas.kulve.fi/debian
Distribution : diablo
Components   : maemo

Or see Maemo Downloads for single click install.

Project page.


The libogg and libvorbisidec are compiled with ARMv6 specific options and with VFP.